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Who Should Consider a Master’s Degree in Special Education?

Millions of individuals with exceptionalities in the U.S. benefit from special education programs. This incredibly diverse group of people has needs that are unique and varied, from educational support to assistance with skills that help them lead full and successful lives. If you want to have a positive impact on the lives of people with exceptionalities, you should be familiar with the latest trends in skill assessment, current assistive and adaptive technologies, and the laws and theoretical frameworks that drive policy and learning.

The online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Moderate Disabilities program from Worcester State University arms you with the most current tools to improve the literacy and communication skills of people with exceptionalities. These skills can affect not only performance in the classroom but also the ability to live independently out in the world.

Teachers who want to become proficient at identifying and addressing the unique needs of the students they serve may pursue a master’s degree in special education. But family and community members who engage regularly with students with exceptionalities will also find it beneficial and enlightening.

Teachers and Other Educational Careers

As both educator and advocate, special education teachers have the knowledge and skills to help all students reach their academic, social, and emotional potential by customizing techniques and materials to meet individual needs. These teachers can differentiate educational practices at every level, understanding that each student is different and unique. Creating an inclusive classroom environment means being responsive to and incorporating learning differences in a positive, empowering way for each student.

This emphasis on a highly individualized approach to education is the foundation of a master’s degree in special education curriculum. Upon degree completion, you will have the skills to assess individual needs and use a variety of tools to design effective programs for each student.

Advocates and Community Leaders

Services for exceptional students should not stop at the school gates. Because the learning and independence of individuals with moderate disabilities impact their families and communities, it is important for community workers, advocates, and family members to understand how to assess individual needs and access available resources to meet those needs.

An essential part of special education is strengthening a student’s skills in communication, social interactions, and independent living. When families and communities are aware of those needs and know how to support the fulfillment of them, they can reinforce the school’s efforts as well as provide additional support and encouragement.

Beyond assisting in very concrete ways, developing a deeper understanding of the psychological factors of students with disabilities will lead to improved relationships and interactions between you and those students. Even if you do not work in the field of education, the knowledge you gain by earning a master’s degree will provide insight into the services and support systems available for parents, students, and community workers alike.

Preparing to Help Each Person to Succeed

The 100% online M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities program from Worcester State University gives you the knowledge to help people with moderate disabilities communicate more effectively, become more independent, and lead more fulfilling lives. In addition, “… your ability to integrate theoretical frameworks and develop special education services and outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities and their families” increases your value both as an educator and an advocate, notes Worcester State University. From a global perspective, anyone can benefit from a better understanding of the needs of those with disabilities.

With a clearer understanding of the characteristics and needs of students with exceptionalities, you will be better prepared to support them in school, at home, or as they transition into and navigate throughout the community. You can help guide them and prepare them to collaborate with teachers and others more effectively. Plus, your knowledge can help you influence policy in schools and beyond to better impact the students you serve.

Learn more about Worcester State University’s online M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities program.

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