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5 Jobs for Educators With a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration

Earning an online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership and Administration from Worcester State University opens doors to various rewarding career opportunities in the field of education. Graduates from this program have the skills and knowledge needed for leadership roles that contribute to improving schools.

Educational leadership focuses on connecting the needs of students with useful learning tools and methods. According to Indeed, educational leadership focuses on educators’ power to assist students in achieving learning outcomes that consider their unique needs. Below are five career paths for educators holding this advanced degree:

Career Opportunities in School Administration

1. Curriculum Leader or Coordinator

Graduates can step into the role of a curriculum leader or coordinator, where they play a crucial part in designing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs. These professionals work closely with teachers to ensure the curriculum standards align with state and federal guidelines. They contribute to the continuous improvement of teaching methodologies and help create a dynamic and effective learning environment. Indeed reports that curriculum coordinators often earn salaries of approximately $76,515 per year, depending on factors like location and experience level.

2. Dean of Students

For those interested in a more administrative role focused on student affairs, the position of dean of students is an excellent fit. A dean of students is responsible for creating a positive and inclusive school culture. They address student behavioral issues, collaborate with teachers and parents, and oversee extracurricular activities. Salaries for dean of students positions vary but generally fall in the range of $76,501 per year.

3. Private School Administrator

Pursuing a career as a private school administrator is a good choice for graduates who want a leadership role within a private school setting. This role involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of a private educational institution, managing staff, implementing policies, and ensuring a high-quality educational experience for students. Private school administrators typically earn salaries of around $107,022 per year.

4. Private School Teacher

Private school teacher positions are attractive for those interested in teaching outside of a public school setting. Private school teachers provide classroom instruction, create a positive learning environment, assess and evaluate student performance, and identify and address the unique needs of each student. The average annual salary for elementary private school teachers is $61,690.

5. School Principal

A school principal plays a vital role in the leadership and management of a school. Their responsibilities include a wide range of tasks aimed at ensuring the effective operation of the school, fostering a positive learning environment, and promoting students’ academic and personal development. A school principal wears multiple hats, serving as an educational leader, administrator, and community liaison. The annual salary for an elementary, middle, or high school principal is approximately $101,320.

What If I’m Interested in Becoming a Public School Principal?

For those aspiring to become public school principals, it’s important to note that while this program doesn’t directly lead to principal or assistant principal licensure, students can pursue such licensure in Massachusetts through additional apprenticeship programs. For example, Worcester State offers “a collaborative, district-based, apprenticeship program” that provides a “one-year path to licensure” as a school principal, assistant principal, or supervisor/director.

Worcester State’s online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration program opens pathways to private school administrator positions where principal licensure might not be a prerequisite. This flexibility allows educators to explore various leadership roles in both public and private educational settings.

How a Master of Education Degree Program Can Help

According to Indeed, an advanced education degree in educational leadership and administration helps graduates design procedures that improve student learning outcomes, foster a healthy and positive environment, establish new and effective learning methods and protocols, and increase their earning potential.

Worcester State’s online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration program offers a solid foundation for educators looking to advance their careers in various leadership capacities. Whether it’s guiding fellow teachers, shaping curriculum, overseeing student affairs, managing districts, or teaching in private schools, the program provides a versatile skill set that aligns with diverse career options in education field.

Learn more about Worcester State University’s online Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration program.

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